Saving Money, Energy & Jobs

Thurston Energy helps people save energy and save money in their homes and in their businesses.  We recognize that energy efficiency has many benefits at once, including:

  • reducing costs
  • reducing environmental impact
  • improving comfort, health and safety
  • and improving the overall quality of our community.

Energy efficiency improvements are also investments in our local economy that create and retain jobs.  Businesses that use less energy spend less on utilities, and are therefore more competitive and can support more employment.  Families that invest in their homes through energy improvements hire local contractors.  Everyone who saves money on energy has more money to save for the future, and more money to spend in our local economy.

Part of the Thurston EDC Business Resource Center

Thurston Energy is a program of the nonprofit Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC) Business Resource Center (BRC).  The Thurston EDC pursues the mission of creating a vital and sustainable economy throughout our county that supports the livelihood and values of our residents.  The Thurston BRC supports businesses with services and resources to achieve success.  The BRC’s services accelerate businesses’ learning and planning, so that they grow faster and more successfully.

Thurston Energy Team

The Thurston Energy Team is employed by the Thurston EDC, and is led by Ramsey Zimmerman, Program Director along with Mark Rentfrow, Energy Services Manager.


Ramsey Zimmerman, Program Director

As Thurston Energy program director, Ramsey which works with residents and businesses to save energy and save money. He directs the program design, service model, marketing, finance and operations. Ramsey also directs the Pacific Five-county Energy Efficiency (Pac 5 Energy) Program, which is applying Thurston Energy’s “Pathway to Savings” model to the communities of Mason, Lewis, Pacific, and Grays Harbor Counties.

Ramsey joined the EDC Team in December of 2009. Ramsey has invested his career in advancing energy efficiency, renewable energy, green building and recycling practices as a means to make businesses more successful. He has a MBA from the University of Michigan and a BA in Environmental Science from the University of Virginia.


Mark Rentfrow, Energy Services Manager

Mark provides primary support to the EDC’s Thurston Energy program. He is the group’s residential Energy Services Manager and works with homeowners and property managers from Thurston County to make existing home stock more energy efficient through a variety of building science and efficiency upgrades.

Mark joined the EDC in 2011. He has earned an MBA from Pacific Lutheran University with a focus on emerging and closely held businesses as well as Bachelor of Business Administration from PLU. He serves on the City of Olympia’s Heritage Commission and as the president for the South Capitol Neighborhood Association.

Leader of the Pac 5 Energy Program

Thurston Energy has partnered with the Economic Development Councils of Grays Harbor, Mason, Lewis and Pacific counties to bring energy efficiency awareness and services to those counties. Each program (collectively called Pac 5 Energy) has its own flavor and focus, based on the needs of the host community. All five programs work closely with their local utilities to promote awareness of existing utility programs, and seek to provide additional energy efficiency services to homeowners and businesses as needed.

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