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Early Success Drives Additional Savings

The Cold Cash for POW&R (Propane, Oil, Wood & Rentals) Promotion has seen such rapid adoption, that additional funds were allocated and the rebate program continues!

The only significant change is that the incentive for single-head ductless heat pump (DHP) systems has been reduced to $800. Customers that received a Confirmation ID# (up through CCPOWR33) from Thurston Energy at the original $1,500 rate will still be eligible for that rebate amount.

Thurston Energy has gotten strong interest in this promotion from a wide array of customers that are historically less likely to make energy efficiency improvements with the use of rebates. Homes that are heated by propane, oil or wood generally do not qualify for as many utility rebates, because they do not use the utility’s fuel for heat. Rental property owners do not have the direct incentive of reduced heating bills or improved comfort, because they do not live in the home and pay the utility bills. Yet, there are many rental property owners now coming forward and making improvements based on the cash incentive for ductless heat pumps and weatherization.


Is a single-head ductless heat pump (DHP) system right for you?

A DHP is a highly efficient heating and cooling system that consists of two parts: an outdoor compressor unit and in indoor air-handling unit called a “head”. The two parts are connected by a tube that passes the heat through a refrigerant fluid. The head uses a blower to move air around within the open space of a home. An ideal candidate for a single-head DHP is a home up to around 1,500 square feet where much of the living space is in a single open area. Closed rooms such as bedrooms will often benefit from additional, auxiliary heat.

Many people love DHPs because they provide an even and steady heating or cooling through the living space. The cost to operate a DHP is only a fraction of the cost of propane or fuel oil, and they require far less effort than wood-based stoves.

For a comprehensive set of Questions & Answers about DHP systems, visit www.goingductless.com/consumer/FAQs.


Want to make your home even more comfortable?

Regardless of how you heat your home, there are great benefits to properly air sealing and insulating your home. Insulation is like a sweater for your home … it holds the heat in. But when the wind blows and you’re walking outside in a sweater you still feel the chill. You need a wind-breaker … and that is where air sealing comes in for your home. When you seal the cracks and holes, the air stays put and you are more comfortable inside.

Cold Cash for POW&R includes a rebate of 40% of the price of qualifying air sealing and insulation measures up to $2,000 for qualifying homes heated by propane, oil or wood, and/or rental properties.

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