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From Super Leaky to Super Comfy

Roger Horn’s house was “super leaky.”  He could feel cold air coming into the room 3 feet away from duct openings, the hatch leading from a closet down into the crawlspace, and from other closets and cabinets.

But Roger learned about Thurston Energy shortly after it began in 2010, and got a home energy audit.  He started by adding insulation under the floors and in crawl spaces.  Later on, he decided to make more improvements.  After a second energy evaluation, Roger hired Northwest Energy Team to install a ductless heat pump system, do air sealing and insulation work, and to seal the hatches to crawlspaces and attics.

“It’s a lot warmer now, and the ductless is much quieter than my other furnace, which cycled up and down frequently,” explains Roger, who also blocked the old vents to prevent drafts.  Roger has completed several improvements on the house since he moved into it in 1990, and enjoys his energy efficient and comfortable home.

PHOTO:  Homeowner Roger Horn and Thurston Energy Manager Mark Rentfrow use thermal imaging to observe an attic hatch through a closet, and discuss how proper insulation and air sealing keeps warm air inside a room.