Customer Experience Drives Program Results

For us at Thurston Energy it has always been about the customer experience.  We are trying to make a positive impact in people’s lives by helping them use less energy, save money, be more healthy and comfortable, and make great investments in their homes and buildings.  Today we’re releasing the results of our 2010-2011 Program […]

Yes, Deloris … This IS a good time for Energy Improvements

I get asked this question a lot:  “With the economy so bad … do you think this is a good time for people to spend money on their houses?”  And I love to flip this one on its head and give the answer that the asker just doesn’t expect:  “That makes this the BEST time […]

Creative Office In Olympia Signs Up To Become More Energy Efficient

This morning, Lowell Gordon, owner of Creative Office, signed up to upgrade the lighting throughout his commercial building. Local electrical contracting company Capital Electric will be doing the upgrade. Puget Sound Energy (PSE) will be providing a grant to Lowell that will cover approximately 40% of the job. Creative Office has about 150 fluorescent fixtures […]