Got Wood Windows? Check out this upcoming DIY workshop …

 Built to last, wood windows and doors need regular upkeep and sometimes restoration work to maintain their value.  If you want to stay warm and save on energy costs, don’t replace them!  You can tune up and weatherize your old windows and recoup your investment through energy savings.  Do it yourself and save even more.   […]

What’s Next … Local Energy Convergence!

I get asked a lot what is next for Thurston Energy, since our big grant will be complete soon.  I’m happy to announce that Thurston Energy will continue on as the Local Energy Program of the Thurston Economic Development Council (EDC), in collaboration with the Thurston Climate Action Team (TCAT). To kick off 2012, Thurston […]

Thurston Energy to Present at Tenino Timberland Library, Wednesday, November 9

Energy Efficiency at Home: Save Money on Energy Bills & Be More Comfortable This Winter Is your house cold? Or drafty? Want to keep your energy costs down this winter? Please join us for a presentation at Tenino Timberland Library on Wednesday, November 9, from 5:30 – 6:30 pm. The Library is located at 172 Central Avenue […]

Sustainable and Resilient: Getting from Point A to Point B

We hear a lot about being “Sustainable”.  Most of us have some vague notion about that meaning living our lives without using up too many resources so that people in the future can live good lives too.  When I think about sustainability, I think not only about those distant relatives seven generations from now … […]

Thurston Energy Employees Powered by Bus

Recently, Thurston Energy brought on two new canvassers to help promote the energy efficiency project we’re doing with the City of Lacey. Both recent Evergreen graduates, our canvassers have a deep personal comitment to sustainability. They have both chosen to “dump the pump” and get around town using bicycles and public transportation. They will be […]