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Vendor Network Spotlight – Pacific Air

Jim Brewer with Pacific Air Discusses the “Whole House” approach

Welcome to the next installment of our vendor spotlight feature. Thurston Energy has a new service provider that can provide you with a HomePLUS with EPS as well as all your HVAC needs. Jim Brewer with pacific air.

Tell me: What sorts of changes have you seen in the HVAC home heating industry in the last 5 years for example?

In home heating over the last 5 years the equipment has become more efficient and people are starting to grasp the ductless concept. Obviously it’s been popular in Asia and Europe but Americans are also starting to realize they’re great for home heating.
What would you say in terms of building science, have you seen recognition from folks about the concept, overall in how they heat and cool their houses? Is that something you help explain to your customers?

There’s still a big lack of awareness out there to the consumer, so mostly when they’re looking to cut their bills, they’re only looking at efficient heating equipment but they’re not asking about the whole house, so it’s our job to educate them and make them aware that it’s not just about the system, in fact a lot of the equipment that been put in over the last 10-15 years, people are starting to realize that it has not been as efficient as they thought or their wasn’t as much savings as they expected because they had so much leakage in their thermal envelope, so its definitely something we like to educate our customers on.
You bring up the thermal envelope and that’s part of an expansion on what you’ve begun practicing here at PAC which is to integrate the building science concepts into the home energy audit.
We have initiated it into our sales process. Now when people call us for a new furnace or eat pump, we don’t just come out and replace the systems with one like in size, we now do a complete home performance audit and that way we know what the true efficiency of that equipment will be under the existing circumstances of their home. And so we’re also able to show them areas of upgrades that will give them that efficiency that they are looking to purchase. So for that reason, we incorporated the whole house energy audits on all our sales calls.
So really you’re e ahead of the curve then…
Yes, because we’re doing it even though it’s not what they had asked for initially, we can help educate the customer about their home. You know, we’re family owned and operated (going on our 25th year this month) and I hope people will realize that they don’t have to over pay the utility companies. and that’s one thing that, I think folks can find themselves caught in a rut and they continue to pay the high heating bills and complain about it – but even though they may not have the entire amount of money to invest in a new system or invest in getting their house tighter, there’s financing they can get that would actually be lower than the utility bill they’re paying now.


Such as low cost financing through Thurston Energy and Generations Credit Union!
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Thanks Jim

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