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Warming Up A Historic Home

PHOTO:  Homeowner Greg Tudor (right) and Thurston Energy Manager Mark Rentfrow observe the Tudor’s historic home, and discuss techniques for removing siding, filling walls with additional cellulose insulation, and then replacing the siding.

Kate and Greg Tudor and their family moved into their historic home in 2009 and the pipes promptly froze.  They quickly determined that they needed some form of weatherization, so they got an energy evaluation from Thurston Energy.  “Essentially, our home was like a moderately protected carport,” recounts Greg.

So after replacing the knob and tube wiring in the basement, they insulated the underfloor with foam and sealed the ducts with mastic.  “For the first time, we could actually lay on the floor without freezing,” says Greg.  “And when we cleaned the ducts, we filled a 30 gallon trash bag with toys, blocks, doll clothes, a bow tie, and other things that were dropped down a vent in a child’s room over the years.”

They also insulated the room above the porch and sealed the doors, windows, and attic “to keep the wind from blowing through the house,” quipped Greg.  The family has noticed that the furnace runs a lot less often, and for shorter periods of time.  Next on the energy improvement list is more insulation and air sealing in the walls and attic, once they replace the rest of the knob and tube wiring.